Did Demi Lovato Harass Ashley Greene On Jonas Brothers Tour?

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Was Ashley Greene Harassed By Demi Lovato?

Demi Lovato is in rehab for various physical and emotional issues, including a rumored eating disorder and problems with cutting. Before she entered rehab, it was speculated that Demi Lovato had gotten into a fight with Joe Jonas’s new girlfriend, Ashley Greene. New evidence has come out suggesting that there was definitely an on-going feud between Ashley Greene and Demi Lovato, and that Lovato actually harassed Greene on The Jonas Brothers Tour.

Supposedly Demi Lovato sent Ashley Greene a very nasty email telling her to stop “parading” around with Joe Jonas on the tour. She accused Ashley of stealing her boyfriend, to which Ashley replied by emailing Demi back a picture of she and Joe together.

Apparently Demi and Ashley fought for the rest of the tour until she entered rehab.

There are now rumors going around that Joe Jonas may propose to Ashley Greene very soon…how will Demi Lovato react to that announcement?

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