Did Dido Name Her Son After Eminems Hit Song Stan?

Dido is a new mum!

Well here’s 2011’s best-kept secret: singer Dido is a mom! But while many media outlets are reporting that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Christmas Day, it was actually back in July that she welcomed her son, Stanley.

The former chart topper along with her husband Rohan Garvin have decided to keep their baby news secret until this past weekend when the singer wrote on her Twitter account, “I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I’m ridiculously excited about Stanley’s first Christmas this year!”

Dido revealed back in February that she was expecting, but has since did managed to make her way out of the media spotlight.

While a congratulations is in order for the star we can’t help but wonder why did she name her son Stanley? The new mother recorded a duet with rapper Eminem back in 2000 named “Stan.” The controversial track was about a psychotic stalker called Stan who locked his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk of his car before driving into a river.

Stanley? Really, Dido? Let’s hope she named the boy after someone in the family and not the song!

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