Did George Lopez Cheat On His Wife?

Come freaking on already!!! Another cheating scandal?  What is causing this rash epidemic?  It is that cheating is trendy, the new black? Is it that the Internet has brought about more gossip publications and reporters and those willing to do anything for the scoop in the 24-hour news cycle that it’s no longer possible to not get caught? Or are celebs, living everyday being told how wonderful they are, developing egos so over-inflated that at some point they feel completely invincible and get lazy about covering their tracks? Maybe it’s all these things, but whatever the reason it doesn’t matter.  They just need to stop doing it. Now!

The latest in the long line is George Lopez.

Argh. This is a  man who by most standards is not any sort of stud muffin and who has been getting major press out of the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James scandal making the media rounds as supportive best friend of Sandra and proud uncle of Louis Bardo. The absolute shamelessness of his charade if this new rumor is true is sickening. Oh-and to add to that feeling of ‘I’m gonna go vomit’  that  his wife Ann gave George her kidney back in 2005 and the couple has a daughter, Mayan.

So could this be true?  Let’s take a look at the details and judge the possibility:

Fact 1: The story ran in National Enquirer
Believability Scale: -1. They’ve been right a lot lately and were even up for a Pulitzer in investigative and national reporting categories, so you can’t totally discount them.  You still can’t completely believe them though.

Fact 2: It comes from a paid escort
Believability Scale: +3. Some of these women lie for money, but historically are pretty truthful.

Fact 3: He wanted a threesome
Believability Scale: +2. I can’t even begin, nor do I want to, to think of what George’s sexual preferences are but I’m pretty sure all men like a menage a trois.

Total Believability Score: 5. This is dead center and means it could go either way.

Thoughts?  Are all of these rumors depressing you as much as me?


Article Posted 6 years Ago
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