Did Gisele's Baby Bump Come As A Surprise To Tom?


tombrady-gisele-johnWas Tom on board with Gisele’s family making plans? Word has it that Tom Brady was hoping to put off that whole starting a family thing for a few more years until she twisted his arm. Hopefully, it wasn’t his throwing arm.

According to what a source told NW Magazine, the timing of Gisele’s baby fever wasn’t exactly what the NFL stud had in mind:

“Tom wasn’t ready to have another kid, but what’s he going to do? What man can say no to a woman of that beauty?”

Well, at least Tom knows how lucky he is. There aren’t a whole lot of men out there who would do anything to piss off the world’s top lingerie model, and apparently Tom feels the same way.

Still, Brady did go on record to say that he’d like 4 or 5 kids eventually. So, even if the timings a little off for Tom, things are still going according to plan. Gisele’s baby is reportedly due in December.