Did Giuliana Rancic Bring Her Son Duke On Her Tahitian Vacation? (Photos)


Giuliana Rancic has a way of making us jealous with her Instagram pictures. The reality television star recently joined her friends on what looked like an unforgettable trip to Tahiti during Thanksgiving break and has shared a few pictures of her quick getaway with her fans.

And while it looks like she enjoyed paradise quite well, we can’t help but wonder, where’s her 1-year-old son Duke? Either she kept him well hidden from the camera or decided this would be a no-baby trip instead. Giuliana has mentioned in the past that she enjoys taking little trips with her husband Bill so they can work on strengthening their marriage together. While some parents might frown upon the idea, I, for one, think it’s a good idea — as long as it’s not done too often, of course. While I haven’t had a date night in over six months, I would miss my children too much to leave the country without them!

Check out our photos below from Giuliana’s Tahiti getaway and let us know your thoughts!

Photos via Instagram

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