Did Jenelle Evans Break-Up With Her Husband, Courtland Rogers?


It looks like there is never a dull moment in the life of a Teen Mom. It looks like newly pregnant and married reality television star Jenelle Evans might be giving her husband Courtland Rogers the boot after only a few weeks of blissful marriage.

Jenelle’s Monday morning tweets suggest that the father of her unborn child might have been unfaithful to her during a night of hard partying with his friends. Here’s what we’re reading from OK! Magazine:

A rightfully annoyed follower of the Teen Mom 2 star and her hubs is all like, “You’re going to do it anyway, why don’t you just come out with it? Unless you want to actually communicate with each other like normal people, which you won’t.”

Proving the tweeter right, Courtland says, “I went out last night and got wasted and came home at 3 am and I left my pregnant wife asleep by herself but I didn’t cheat!! I just left”

Ah, the seven little words every newlywed pregnant wife can’t wait to hear: “I got wasted but I didn’t cheat.”

Jenelle then says “It was way worse then that.” The “then” is all her, don’t hold it against us.

At this point, I’m sure you care as much as I do, right? That poor, unborn baby! Actually, I put all the blame on MTV. That’s right, MTV.

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