Did Jesse James And Kat Von D Break Up?

Kat Von D Jesse James
Did Kat Von D and Jesse James Break Up?

They seemed like a match made in heaven, but now it looks as though Jesse James and Kat Von D may be headed for a breakup. Things seem to be cooling off between them, and Kat has even been seen getting pretty cozy with some other men, even former love interests.

Kat was seen with Nikki Sixx on October 5th at a Slash concert at the House of Blues. An eyewitness told PEOPLE, “They were on the balcony chatting and ended up disappearing together. They were acting pretty cozy and chummy.”

In addition to Nikki Sizz, Von D was also spotted with Bam Margera, who she supposedly had a fling with in the past. They were seen at Cleo Restaurant in Hollywood, and a source says that, “They were being very sweet to each other.”

Ever since Jesse James moved back to Austin, Texas, his relationship with Kat has suffered. She is “losing patience” with flying back and forth to see him, once source reports.

Sounds like we won’t be seeing marriage or babies from Kat and Jesse anytime soon!

Photo: Pacific Coast News