Did Jessica Simpson Try To Upstage Beyonce's Pregnancy Announcement?

Jessica Simpson finally announced her pregnancy.

Have you all heard the news? Jessica Simpson is pregnant!!

I know…total shocker, right?

She’s been spotted everywhere from Cabo to New York City with an undeniable baby bump for a couple of months now, and on Halloween, Jessica finally announced her pregnancy.

She chose to finally spill her baby bump news by tweeting out a photo of herself dressed as a mummy for Halloween, and saying that she was going to be a “mummy” for real, or something to that effect.

In looking at the photo, I can’t help but think that her pose was very familiar to how Beyonce posed with her baby bump on the red carpet at the VMA’s to announce the news that she was expecting.

Was Jessica trying to upstage Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement with her own? Or was she just looking for a clever and fun way to finally break her silence since everyone already knows she’s pregnant?

I guess the bigger question now is whether Jessica is even farther along than Beyonce?

Isn’t it kind of ironic how Beyonce’s pregnancy has been under speculation because some believe she is wearing a fake baby bump, while Jessica has been sporting a real baby bump and refused to announce it until now?

It’s always something with these Hollywood types.

Photo: Twitter