Did Jon Gosselin Get A Clue?



Is that even possible?  Did Jon Gosselin have a light bulb moment?  If he did, it probably won’t last.  If the continuing divorce war between Jon and estranged wife Kate is any indication, this thing isn’t going to get nice anytime soon.

Jon and Kate have been bickering back and forth publicly for a while now and it seems Jon is cluing in, slightly.

He told ET that things between him and Kate are affecing their kids.  “It’s already had an impact on the kids. This thing has gotten so crazy and we’ve let too many people in, and everything’s going haywire…

“They didn’t ask for this. It’s not their fault. But it is our fault by throwing our kids out there, shoving a camera in their face and asking an eight- or nine-year-old to explain it.”

The reality TV father-of-eight claims that Kate also says negative things about him to their kids.  He said Mady “can’t keep a secret,” and always tells him when their mom has said something not-so-nice.  But he’s not concerned because “they know that they’re safe with me.”

OK, so listen, both Jon and Kate need to stop all public interviews.  No more ET, Larry King, the 8 a.m. news, or the 6 p.m. tabloid show.  Stop now.  For the sake of your kids.

And do not trash each other to your children.  You will regret it.  You will.