Did Justin Bieber Break His Neck?


Oh noooooo! Shortly after yesterday’s news that the littlest pop star had a falling out with his mother over her rules, a rumor is blowing up the Internet that Justin Bieber has broken his neck. Is there any truth to it? What happened? Did he flip his hair too hard?

Certain sites are reporting that CNN staff have leaked info that Justin sustained the injury after a car accident while he and his  driver were on their way to a local fast food restaurant. The other driver, 35 year old James Peterson, was drunk and veered into the car the tween was in.

Sounds possible and there are plenty of details, plus the dropping of a legitimate news source. However, if you go to CNN and search for the story, there is nothing up. Search any other legitimate news source and nothing is up. I’m watching MSNBC out of the corner of my eye and they have thus far not reported anything.

At this point in time, it seems that the only thing Justin is endanger of is viral Internet rumors. Can you imagine being his mother though? You log on to your computer and see a ton of news stories that your child has been injured. Sure, he’s a phone call away, but what if he is on a plane, in a meeting, or in the studio where he is unavailable. Sure, it would probably only take five minutes to reach someone from his team to tell her everything is okay, but that would be the longest five minutes in history. No wonder she is protective.


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