Did Justin Timberlake Cheat On Jessica Biel?

Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel
Did Justin Timberlake cheat on Jessica Biel with Olivia Munn?

Looks like there may be trouble in paradise for Justin Timberlake and long time girlfriend, Jessica Biel. Rumors are swirling that Timberlake has been caught red-handed cheating on Jessica with Daily Show correspondent, Olivia Munn.

Supposedly Timberlake and Munn met at a My Space event and had a steamy 3-day fling back in September. A source says that they exchanged numbers, and then Timberlake “started chasing her immediately.”

Olivia Munn resisted Justin Timberlake’s affections at first and told him that she would not hook up with him if he was still involved with Biel. He supposedly told her that things were over with Jessica, and they sealed the deal that night.

There have been rumors of things being shaky for Timberlake and Biel for quite some time now, but if he did hook up with Olivia Munn, then things between them could be over for good. I for one, am disappointed. Biel and Timberlake would have made the cutest babies together, don’t you think?

Timberlake’s rep denies the story completely. But something tells me we haven’t heard the last of Olivia Munn.

Photo: PRPhotos