Did Kate Gosselin Get MAJOR Botox?


Kate’s gone through a serious makeover since we first saw her onscreen with the short hairdo that created a thousand Internet memes. She’s gotten extensions, lost some weight and become more toned, and has started dressing in skimpier, skin showing outfits. Good for her! But is she going too far?

Kate’s been looking ultra-tan lately and while not at Snooki-level orange alert, tanning is addictive and could cause cancer. It’s not doing her any favors when it comes to aging her skin and adding wrinkles.

But who cares about wrinkles when you can botox them away? Recent photos of Kate’s face show her looking taught and immobile, a clear sign of botox. A few doctors have weighed in with their experts opinions.

“Her eyebrows are very elevated and arched — we call it the Dr. Spock look,” Dr. Bruce Katz of NYC’s Juva Skin and Laser Center tells “The botox was not injected properly. Most probably it was just injected in the middle of the forehead and there wasn’t enough done on the sides — so it’s allowed the muscles to still work on the sides and pull up the eyebrows.”

Another expert agrees: “What I can see in this photo, can be accomplished by Botox. Her upper eyelids look a little less hallow which can be a result of the brows being pulled upward.”

Botox is fine, but bad botox isn’t. Kate should look for another doctor or find a different route to looking younger. And stop tanning! I really don’t know where Kate finds time for this stuff between playing mom to 8 kids and her career. I’ve had a pair of pants at the laundromat for 3 months now. More power to her!