Did Kate Gosselin Nap In The Car While Kids Trick Or Treated? (We Theorize Why.)

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Kate Gosselin celebrated Halloween a little early this year; was that why she was napping?

Trick or treat turned into trick or sleep for the Gosselin kids last week! The latest issue of Us Weekly claims that Kate Gosselin made her bodyguard drive the kids around to the houses on Halloween night while she snoozed in the front seat. The magazine even claims that the twins and sextuplets were instructed to “keep it down” so that mom could nap.

Now I’m as wary of Kate “I Hate The Paparazzi—Wait, Why Aren’t They Following Me?” Gosselin as the next person, but I find this story a little weird. Do you think she’d really do that to her kids? Here are four reasons I came up with to explain the napping. Weigh in with your own below.

1. She didn’t have a good costume she used up her only scary face during her “Paparazzi” performance on “Dancing with the Stars” last fall.

2. It was too cold to go out in a bikini, and that’s what she prefers to wear this days thanks to her rockin’ new bod.

3. She couldn’t sleep the previous night trying to decide between “writing” a new book or pursuing a new “acting” career.

4. She was exhausted from not yelling at Jon all day.


Photo: ABC

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