Did Kate Gosselin Really Ditch Her Kids For Mother's Day?

kate gosselin
Was Kate Gosselin With Her Kids on Mother's Day?

There was quite a bit of speculation going around last week that Kate Gosselin, everyone’s favorite mom of eight, was planning on ditching her kids on Mother’s Day in favor of attending the Kentucky Derby.

Going to the Kentucky Derby is on a lot of mom’s bucket lists, but I don’t know that any mother, reality TV star or not, would actually choose a horse race over her children.

She definitely isn’t painted as “Mother of the Year” by the media, but Kate Gosselin wound up rushing home after the Kentucky Derby so that she could spend Mother’s Day with her little ones.

You can see a photo here of Kate looking great in a little dress and fancy hat at the Derby, but she was spotted back in travel attire at the airport not too long after that.

Even Kate Gosselin had her priorities straight on Mother’s Day. Did you?

Photo: Pacific Coast News