Did Kate Hudson Adopt a Baby?


Well, it looks like Kate Hudson has outsmarted us all and figured out a way to get us to stop speculating about whether she is pregnant, or ogling her new boobs: wear a baby!

Which of course begs the question: is it her baby? Did she adopt a baby? If it turns out that the boob job was just to throw us off the trail and for the last three months she too has been harboring a secret adopted baby, I will be utterly speechless.

And yet, try as I might to come up with some other explanation, is hard for me to draw any conclusion other than that she adopted a baby. I mean, she’s wearing the baby. In a sling. Across her chest. I’ve done a lot for my friends, but I’ve never plopped one of their kids into a sling and headed down the street. So unless she got a job moonlighting as a nanny—and come to think of it, I’ve never seen a nanny sling a baby either—I think that kid has to be hers. And if you look at her face, she sort of looks over-the-moon happy. Dare I say, like a new mom? Check out the photos of Kate Hudson and her maybe baby on the next page and decide for yourself!

Photos: Daniel/