Did Kelly Preston Have A Silent Birth?

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Did Kelly Preston have a silent birth?

Did Kelly Preston have a silent birth? She delivered her son with actor/husband/Scientology nut John Travolta yesterday, and rumor was during her pregnancy that she was going to have a silent delivery, as called for by the Scientology … um, guidebook? Bible? List written down by the crazy leaders? I’m not sure exactly what their guiding force is.

What is a silent birth? It’s exactly what it sounds like. You cannot have ANY noise, not even the screaming of pain that’s normal, nay healthy, during the extreme pain of childbirth. The idea is something along the lines of “this will stop the child from being haunted later in life,” which sounds more like a Halloween aversion issue than a religion to me.

Anyway, we haven’t heard for sure if Preston opted for the silent birth. Katie Holmes, wife of Scientology high king Tom Cruise, and Leah Remini were also rumored to have them.

What do you think could you ever do a silent birth?


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