Did Kim Kardashian Confirm That She Is Having A Girl On Instagram? (Photos)


She might have not made it quite official yet, but it looks like Kim Kardashian might have already let the cat out of the bag!

The pregnant celebrity mama-to-be has neither confirmed or denied the rumors that she is having a baby girl, but could the reality television star let it slip that she’s thinking pink on Instagram? We think so! Kimmy Cakes recently shared a photo of all of the flowers that were sent to her by her friends and family after her miscarriage scare this week and with all the pink roses we’re seeing we can’t help but wonder… is she really expecting a little Kimye with a cute Etsy bow on top in that bump of hers??

Check out all of our fun photos below and let us know what you think! We’ve also added a few new photos from her Instagram account, including one of her hiding her bump once again. Kim, let it out! You should be wearing that bump both loud and proud!

  • Flowers 1 of 5
    Kim is surely feeling the love from her family and friends. But does all of the pink flowers here mean she's having a girl??
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  • LOL of the Day 2 of 5
    LOL of the Day
    It's good to see that Kim Kardashian has a good sense of humor as she reposted this from a fan.
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  • Sister Love 3 of 5
    Sister Love
    Talk about four very gorgeous sisters! Khloe looks exceptionally HOT here.
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  • Duck Face 4 of 5
    Duck Face
    Because no week is complete without posting at least one duck face selfie of yourself on Instagram, right? LOL.
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  • Where’s The Bump? 5 of 5
    Where's The Bump?
    The photo's cute, but I can't help but wonder... why does Kim always insist on hiding her baby bump?
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