Did Kourtney Kardashian Really Just Buy Baby Mason a Snake? (Photos)

Kourtney Kardashian Goes Snake Shopping!

Call me a wee bit old fashioned, but I believe one should buy their children pets only untill they are old enough to comprehend the whole “custodian of another living creature” thing. And when one does buy your child a pet it usually is in the form of a kitten, puppy, turtle or a gold fish. But Kourtney Kardashian? She bought something way more..err…interesting.

On Wednesday Kourtney was spotted with sister Khloe at a pet store in New York City where Kourtney reportedly bought her 22-month son Mason a pet snake. Let’s hope he’s a gentle sort (both Mason and the snake!).

And what did Auntie Khloe wear on such an errand? A pair of the Tres Contente thigh high black leather Christian Louboutin boots (that retail for $2500). Nothing says ‘going to the local pet store’ more than those!

Check out photos of Kourtney and Khloe on their shopping trip right here:

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    Kourtney Kardashian
    Kourtney Kardashian goes shopping with her Hermes handbag and sister!
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    Kourtney Kardashian
    Kourtney went for a bo-ho look for this trip.
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    Kourtney Kardashian
    Wow, get a load of Aunt Khloe's thigh high boots.
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    Kourtney Kardashian
    It was a friendly sister style off!