Did Kristen Stewart Ruin Breaking Dawn For Twilight Fans At People's Choice Awards 2011? (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson-Kristen-Stewart-Breaking-Dawn
Kristen Stewart Ruins Breaking Dawn For Twilight Fans?

Kristen Stewart definitely had an awkward night at the People’s Choice Awards 2011. She refused to hold her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson’s hand, flirted with co-star Taylor Lautner instead, and she also may have ruined Breaking Dawn for Twilight fans who haven’t read the book. Watch the video clip below of Kristen Stewart accepting her award for Favorite Movie Actress.

In the clip, Kristen Stewart calls the whole experience of filming Breaking Dawn surreal, and says that earlier that morning, she was a vampire in Lousiana, and now she’s at the People’s Choice Awards. Right after she says she was a vampire, you can hear distant “Awww’s” in the crowd. This is probably because people who haven’t read the book don’t know that Bella becomes a vampire in the final novel in the Twilight Saga.

Breaking Dawn is a hot topic, and it’s pretty hard to avoid hearing about what will happen in the film, since it’s everywhere in the news. Have fans who have not read the book already been disappointed by hearing about Bella and Edward’s marriage, and the birth of their daughter, Renesmee?

Kristen Stewart won Favorite Movie Actress at the People’s Choice Awards…but did she let down her fans by spilling the beans on her vampire status?