Did Lady Gaga Steal Her Meat Dress Idea From These Young Boys?


Lady Gaga made headlines with her incredible frock at the recent MTV Video Music Awards. Her dress made entirely of meat was totally amazing, shocking and seemed totally original…but was it?

While trolling the always amusing site Awkward Family Photos I stumbled upon this photograph of three young men donning meat suits! But fortunately for them, the outfits were merely made of a meat printed fabric. But this just shows that hardly anything is truly original these days.

And it turns out, this photo of the boys (as well as a photo of a man in a meat suit) is featured on a “gag box,” one of those joke items that you put your real gift in with the recipient thinking that they are really getting that unusual product. If you want to pull a Gaga-ish prank on your friends or family. You can check it out here.

Photo: Awkward Family Photos