Did Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin Get Political Cub Christine ODonnell Elected?


It may be a bit premature on whether Sarah Palin’s last minute support of Christine O’Donnell will actually get her elected, but Christine is on the right track. On Tuesday evening she won the Delaware Republican Senate primary in a big upset, winning over Mike Castle.

About a month ago, not many knew who Christine was, but after the Tea Party activists rallied to support her with super star conservative Sarah Palin backing her, Christine’s stock skyrocketed…but she’s going to have a hard time, and will be the underdog to the popular Democratic nominee.

But her winning the primary just shows the power that Palin wields. Is this Mama Grizzly a force to be reckoned with even though she herself is not running for any kind of office? And will she continue to support Christine O’Donnell during the rest of the race? I can’t see daughter Bristol entering into politics anytime soon and the others are far too young.  Maybe Christine will become the political daughter she never had.

You can learn more about Christine here.

Photo: PCN