Did Matt Damon Really Have To Hug All Those Fans During Flu Season? (Photos)

Matt Damon

Matt Damon landed in Los Angeles and right off the airplane he was taking photos with his fans!  Matt seems to be the nicest guy! He really seems to enjoy their enthusiasm.

I really understand him trying to be friendly and not wanting to disappoint his fans!!!!  But… it…  is… FLU season!  Shouldn’t he be a little more careful about that!

In all seriousness though it was sweet to see him so friendly and his fans so happy!

Check out the photos below!

  • Matt Damon! 1 of 7
    Matt Damon!
    Landing at LAX can always be fun!
  • Fans! 2 of 7
    Some fans have found Matt!
  • Smiles! 3 of 7
    That is a big smile on that young lady!
  • HA! 4 of 7
    In this photo it looks like Matt has lost a front tooth!
  • Phone Photos! 5 of 7
    Phone Photos!
    What ever happened to a regular camera!
  • Cute! 6 of 7
    Ok, this young lady is super cute and super happy!
  • Hmmm… 7 of 7
    This guy is super excited to be taking a photo with Matt, not sure that is in the norm for most guys right?

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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