Did Misha Collins, Rihanna and Ciara Make Twitter Go Down? Are They to Blame?


When Twitter goes down, people freak out. To Twitter addicts not being able to share their opinions, actions or what they’re about to eat for lunch is delibitating. Giving their updates albeit very short one has become a very big part of their lives. So when Twitter is unresponsive and they see that whale, they get mad. Really mad. And on Saturday morning Twitter went down. But why? I think we can blame three people: Misha Collins, Rihanna and Ciara. Why?

Well Misha Collins plays a Twitter addicted guy who wants to be Jensen Ackles and Jared Padeleck pal on Supernatural. And while his character tweets about everything, Mischa himself tweeted about hanging out with the stars off screen, blurring the off screen and on screen Twitter feeds.

And Rihanna and Ciara They took their “beef” with each other onto Twitter calling each other out and swinging insults.

Why does Twitter freak out when people flock to get the news on some online insult war or when there is some TV tie in? Twitter’s mega strong servers probably just can’t handle the traffic. Once I talked to a Twitter worker and they lived in fear of Justin Bieber or Kanye West tweeting too much or worse yet tweeting about each other because the amount of traffic overwhelms their system. And that’s probably just what happened today.

So, Next time Twitter breaks, just blame your favorite pop star!

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