Did Prince William Give Kate Middleton Diana's Engagement Ring? (PHOTO)



There is so much speculation about what kind of ring Prince William gave to Kate Middleton as an engagement ring. Will it be big? Will it be bold? And we all know it will be beautiful…what royal engagement ring wouldn’t be. There is so much interest that apparently there will be a press conference on the subject scheduled for later today. But here is one theory…did Prince William give Kate Middleton his mom Princess Diana’s engagement ring???

Princess Diana didn’t get a ring when Prince Charles proposed. He actually let her pick one out he had Garrard Jewelers create several rings for her to chose from. Her pick? A oval sapphire in a blue hue. It was an 18-carat engagement ring with 14 smaller diamonds on the side.

After Princess Diana died, the ring was bestowed upon Prince William. Has he been saving it for the big day when he would get engaged? Would this be a way to honor his mother who he loved and adored? Or would it be just too painful with all the heartbreaking memories that it might conjure up and sadness that haunted Princess Diana’s life? And it was the ring from a failed marriage, his parents failed marriage?

What do you think? Would he give her his moms ring?

UPDATE! He did!!!!!

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