Did Ricki Lake Put Her Sons In Danger?

Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake and sons escape fire unharmed

Actress Ricki Lake had a huge scare on Saturday morning when her Malibu home caught on fire and burned down. She and her two sons, Milo and Owen, got out of the house without being hurt, along with their dogs.

Ricki said that she was attempting to refuel a portable heater in the home when the couch caught on fire and the house went up in flames. I’ve got two big questions for her:

1. Why on earth does she need a portable heater in Malibu? Isn’t it warm in California? And doesn’t her house have central heat?

2. Why did she try and refuel the heater with her sons in the house? Isn’t that kind of dangerous?

The whole thing just seems a little bit odd, don’t you think? I know she wouldn’t intentionally put her sons in harms way, but it just seems like she should’ve thought twice before taking on such an odd task.

Hopefully she’ll learn a lesson from this and invest in a snuggie for the next time she wants to warm up on the couch.

Photo: PRPhotos

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