Did Robert Pattinson Beg Kristen Stewart to Marry Him?

robert pattinson kristen stewart married wedding
Robert Pattinson begging Kristen Stewart to marry him?

The latest Breaking Dawn news is that Robert Pattinson begged Kristen Stewart to marry him.


Another day, another Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rumor that’s beyond real.

This little nugget comes via In Touch magazine, where an “insider” says that Robert Pattinson “has resorted to begging Kristen to be his wife.”

Um. Right.

The source says that Pattinson “has the blessing of Kristen’s family.” So there’s that.

Kristen, naturally, has turned Rob down.

GossipCop has the inside scoop, with a source saying that there’s been no talk of marriage between Pattinson and Stewart, nor has Pattinson talked with Stewart’s parents about it.

But you probably could have guessed that already.