Did Russell Brand And Katy Perry Marry Secretly? Here's The Evidence!

russell brand
Russell Brand sports a mysterious ring as he goes out for a jog

You could never accuse Katy Perry and Russell Brand of doing things the normal way so did they elope before their actual wedding? Here’s a bit of visual evidence: Brand was snapped yesterday wearing what appeared to be a wedding band while stepping out for a jog.

Two shocking things here: Why was he wearing a wedding band? And Brand jogs? That seems so disciplined for a guy known for his wild side.

Word is that Brand and Perry will be having an official ceremony in India this weekend, supplemented by lots of parties and a festival at the Rajasthan desert resort of Aman-i-Khas. But if Brand’s ring is any indication, guests may have missed the real deal!

After this weekend, speculation will immediately turn to when the two are going to have kids and once they do, will they let them watch Perry’s axed appearance on “Sesame Street?” Only time will tell!

Photo: Pacific Coast News