Did Russell Hantz Win the Survivor Redemption Island Duel?


russell hantzOn last week’s Survivor, Russell Hantz was voted out by his tribe, making it the first time he’d ever been voted out on Survivor.  He made it to the final tribal council the other two times that he played Survivor.

But, because this is Survivor: Redemption Island, all Survivors get another chance. There is a duel on Redemption Island and eventually, the person left standing there will return to the game.

Tonight, Russell faced off with Matt in the duel. Who won the Survivor duel?

Matt is such a nice guy, but I definitely did not to see Russell go this early.

Stack a series of blocks while avoiding trip wires that would force you to start over. The blocks need to be stacked like dominoes to break a tile a the end of the course. Jeff Probst tells Russell and Matt that it is do or die time. Whoever loses is gone for good from Survivor.

Matt took the first shot, but fell a little short. Then Russell tried and failed. Both frantically tried to put the blocks back up.

Matt got to it first and Russell is gone! He actually teared up and then took a shot at his teammates, talking about them throwing the game. He says it is his last time playing the game.

Are you sad to see Russell go?