Did Teen Mom Maci Bookout's New Boyfriend Really Take Her to McDonald's on Their First Date?

Maci and Kyle

It looks like Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant star Maci Bookout has a new boyfriend. Although they have yet to make their relationship “official” to the world there is definitely something going on between Maci and moto-cross star Kyle Regel (check out the “facts” right here). But it sounds as if the relationship is still in it’s very early stages. They saw each other in Daytona over Spring Break and have a back and forth over twitter and meeting over Skype since.  And this week Maci flew out to California to rendezvous with Kyle and it sounds like to have their very first “real” date. But where did he take her?

It looks like to McDonald’s! Maci tweeted, “if he takes u to mcdonalds on ur first date hes a keeper!!! Hahaha.” But this sounds like it may have been a very good idea on Kyle’s part and he may have done his research. Just last week Maci tweeted, “Im addicted to mcdonalds… its true.”  Yes, it sounds like a match made in burger and fries heaven!

And it also sounds like Maci’s ex Kyle King may have moved on to.  Maci retweeted the tweet, “If your ex friend is now dating your ex, she was never your friend to begin with.”Hmmm, wonder why she did that!

Image: Twitter

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