Did Teresa Giudice's Husband Cheat On Her?


Poor Teresa! It’s been a rough year for the New Jersey housewife. She and her husband Joe went bankrupt and had to auction off their things; she got into an altercation (actually, several) with Danielle Staub; Joe got into a car accident while drunk (or decided to have some booze post-crash, depending on whom you believe) and she is paid the least of all the housewives.  And now : Did Joe cheat on Teresa?

This isn’t a new rumor. A while back there was plenty of talk that Joe was having an affair with a woman named Tara G. There was even speculation that the “nephew,” Danielle  mentioned–the one that caused Teresa to go ballistic during the RHONJ reunion– was a love child from one of Joe’s dalliances. But Teresa denied everything at the time saying, “It’s totally false.  Trust me, Joe gets enough love IN our marriage, he doesn’t need to look anywhere else.”

But she may have been saving face. I hope it’s not true, but I do believe it along with the other tag lines on the mag. Puches thrown? Yep. Cash crisis? Sure.

What do you think?