Diddy Defends His Parenting Style on Nightline


Nightline interviewer Martin Bashir got a bit lippy with a visibly annoyed Sean Combs aka Diddy (the “P” is apparently now gone — who can keep track?) and questioned Combs’ fathering six kids with multiple women.

“All of my kids are taken care of. They all go to the best schools,” Combs retorted in the interview which aired Friday. Bashir replied, “But you don’t live with them.”

This line of questioning was precipitated by Combs claiming that while he enjoyed being a father, “his children “deserved more (of his) personal time.”  And then Bashir took on the lavish gift of a $360,000 car Combs gave his son Justin for his 16th birthday.  Diddy didn’t like where the interview was going one bit.

“I feel the way I raise my children, you know, I don’t have to explain to you or anybody else because nobody knows the way I raise my children…It’s what I wanted to do. I can do whatever I want to do with my children. And you can’t question me about it. Nobody can question me about what I do with my children.”

Well, actually Did-ster (if he can make up ridiculous nicknames so can I), he can question you and did question you — it’s called an interview.  So what do you think? Was Bashir out of line for giving Combs grief about his parenting style, not living with his children and excessive gifting?  I think it was awesome Bashir wasn’t intimidated by Combs’ fame and fortune — and had the guts to question his values given he is a role model to so many kids.


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