Veronica Ojeda Had Miscarriage After Falling Down


My condolences go out to Veronica Ojeda. You might not know who she is, but I’m sure you will feel for her as well.

Veronica is girlfriend to soccer legend Diego Maradona and the couple is very sad today. Veronica suffered a fall yesterday morning and miscarried. She was four months pregnant.

Maradona is the manager to Argentina’s national team and has been dating Veronica for four years.

This is said to be her second miscarriage.

Falling while pregnant is such a scary thing. I remember I fell in the bushes once at about 7 months and I was terrified that I was going to have a miscarriage. This was after I suffered a miscarriage the year before. I was terrified the whole pregnancy.

Poor thing. I feel so bad for her.


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