Dierks Bently Picks Up A Hitchhiker


dierks-bentley-evie-coloradoThey say that picking up hitchhikers is dangerous, but country star Dierks Bentley doesn’t look too intimidated by the vagabond he picked up while on vacation in Colorado — his 9 month-old daughter Evie.

Giving us all an update on his ridiculously cute daughter, Dierks posted this pic on his Twitter page earlier this week. Looks like his busy touring schedule hasn’t taken too big of a bite out of his family time.

You gotta love Twitter, if for no other reason than the fact that it allows people to post cute baby pics, like the one where someone left Evie’s bottle next to a couple of cold beers, or “colbeers” as they’re called where I’m from.


His daughter Evalyn Day Bentley (a pretty classic name, btw) apparently helps him write songs by puking when she doesn’t like one.