Dina Lohan: "Ambushed" On Today Show?


Dina Lohan braved the ‘Today’ Show and Matt Lauer this morning to talk about her troubled daughter, Lindsay, and the starlet’s time in jail and rehab. But it doesn’t seem Dina and Lauer were prepared to discuss quite the same things. According to a friend of Dina’s, the mom was planning to speak about Lindsay’s court case and Judge Marsha Revel’s supposed mishandling of the case.

Instead, Dina was asked some pretty tough questions by Lauer, who didn’t shy away from questioning the mom’s raising and treatment of her daughter. The family friend said, after speaking with Dina, that the mom “felt ambushed by Matt. She was surprised how many tough questions he asked.”

According to Dina’s friend, she didn’t understand why Lauer even broached those tough questions that he boldly asked. “She knows she’s a great mother and Lindsay will get out of rehab soon,” the friend said. “Everyone makes mistakes, it’s just that Lindsay makes it into the papers.”

Do you think Lauer asked the right questions when he had Dina in the hot seat?


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