Dina Lohan Discusses Rumors About Lindsay


Dina Lohan, mother of Lindsay Lohan, sat down to talk about motherhood, false rumors about her famous daughter and how the media manipulates to fabricate stories about her family. Is it possible Dina herself is part of the problem as Lindsay (allegedly) faces financial hardships and ignores her addiction problems? Well, here are some snippets from the interview. You decide.

On Lindsay’s alleged partying: “People don’t understand how the press manipulates and how they make something look as it seems when it’s completely opposite. What you read in the press is completely fabricated. If a girl… any child… a girl in the business goes out one night, you’ll see magazines for the next two weeks and they’re wearing the same outfit. So it’s the same night!”

On Lindsay’s financial situation: “She is not going into credit card debt. Absolutely not…Lindsay isn’t in charge of her finances, other people are and we are keeping a close eye on the people who are managing her.”

On Lindsay’s bill being paid late: “…A bill may be a little late or not, you know, but that’s pretty normal. That happens to me, that happens to everyone.”

On being a parent: “I’m not going to talk about any personal issues with my children. But I’m speaking for any single mother or couples across the world, when I say that I just want my kids to be healthy, happy and safe. I’m a religious person and I pray for them all the time. But you have to let them go. You have to let them fall and get hurt and then get back up and then be there for them. I really don’t like going back but it’s time that we have to stand up for ourselves and tell the truth, and the facts are the facts.”

See the entire video interview here.


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