Dina Lohan Dishes On Lindsay's Jail Situation


Dina Lohan, who has visited Lindsay in jail along with younger daughter Ali and Lindsay’s ex Samantha Ronson, is speaking out about the circumstances in which her daughter is living right now. The starlet’s mom seems almost equally as traumatized by this jail stay as Lindsay herself is–and baffled that the actress doesn’t get any special treatment behind bars.

“She doesn’t have cell phone privileges, that’s absurd,” Dina told Radaronline. Instead, it seems Lindsay has to do as all the other inmates do–which we figure means using the landline in the jail. “She doesn’t even have a pillow to sleep on.”

Lindsay’s mom went on to lament about the circumstances of her visits to the Lynwood facility to visit her daughter. “I talk to her through glass,” Dina said. “There’s a phone and we put her on speaker but I can’t even hug my daughter…She’s treated like a common criminal.” Looks like special treatment of celebrities stops when they walk through the jail doors. But fortunately for Lindsay, her mom said the inmates and guards have still been “cool to her.”

Upon her release from the Lynwood facility, Lindsay will be required to report immediately to an inpatient rehab facility. We wonder if Dina will have any problems with that situation, too.


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