Dina Lohan Is Still Exploiting Her Rehabbing Daughter


We recently pondered whether Lindsay Lohan’s opportunist parents, Dina and Michael Lohan, learned their lesson about exploiting their children after Lindsay’s court-jail-rehab stint (she’s currently in the rehab phase). We hoped that perhaps these consequences–the worst Lilo has suffered in her years of law-breaking–shocked the Lohan parents into realizing they maybe shouldn’t focus solely on the fame and fortune they can garner from their kids.

Well, we can sadly report that it seems they–namely Dina–have not learned much. Recently, sources close to the trouble starlet Lindsay’s assistant, Eleonore, have spoken out about what’s going on while Lindsay’s in treatment. Interestingly enough, Eleonore isn’t getting a break while her boss is away; instead Dina and Lindsay’s sister Ali Lohan have been making use of the extra assistant at their beck and call. Sources said that Eleonore has been “miserable,” “super-stressed” and “incredibly worn out.”

So what exactly is Dina using Eleonore for? It seems she’s trying to put together a business deal centered around the random assortment of belongings Lindsay has in storage. That’s right, while her daughter is undergoing treatment for addiction, Dina Lohan is wondering how much money she could make off a garage sale of the clothes and other things little Lindsay can’t fit in her apartment. Apparently Dina “goes on about nothing for days” related to her genius ideas of how to profit off her brood.

Way to go, Dina. We think a Parent of the Year award is on its way to you.


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