Dina Lohan Says Clutter is Daughter Lindsay's Problem


Lindsay Lohan and Dina LohanAdd another issue to the list of problems Lindsay Lohan has: hoarding.  Mom Dina, in typical enabler form, says the loads of stuff Lindsay has isn’t all her own doing and they are enlisting the help of a celebrity de-clutterer  so Lindsay can get to an emotionally healthier place.  Because everyone knows sanity is all about a clean closet.

Per People: “It’s not just stuff that she bought,” says Dina, who has a new reality TV show in the works and is producing a feature film. “A lot if it is gifted so it’s not necessarily stuff she buys. Like, a company will send five pairs of jeans.”

So, as usual, it’s not Lindsay’s fault, people!

And on that note: Who in the world is giving Dina Lohan a reality show and why?

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