Dina Lohan Shares Parenting Advice In Lieu Of Mother's Day

dina lohan
Dina Lohan Gives Parenting Advice.

With Mother’s Day being celebrated around the country tomorrow (May 8), The Daily Beast reached out to Dina Lohan in hopes of getting insight into her life as a mom.

Lohan not only responded, but gave her insight into parenting for those who are listening. I can hear the crickets now.

Lohan says, ‘The boys got into more mischief. Lindsay, I’m trying to think. She was always good in school and was like my little buddy. She never really got into too much mischief young. She was a late bloomer.”

Speaking about being in the spotlight Lohan, who helps to manage her daughter’s career, says: ‘No child’s perfect. They’re going to get into trouble, whether it’s big or small. Unfortunately, we’re a global name so they know about it in Indonesia. But just be there for your child, and if you see signs that they’re doing things they shouldn’t be doing, get them help.’

Lohan adds: “The secret to single parenting is to just teach them what you can teach them. And you pray that instils in them for the rest of their life. You let them go, and if they fall, you’re there to pick them up.”

Excuse me while I try not to laugh. This is the last person people should be taking parenting advice from. But, what do you think? Do you take her advice to heart of dismiss it like a bad joke?

[Photo via PR Photos.]