Dionne Warwick Fired From Celebrity Apprentice: Calls NeNe Leakes a Coward


celebrity apprenticeIt was a really close task on tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice.  I actually though the women had a really good chance at winning tonight.  But, the men won again.

NeNe Leakes was the project manager for the women’s team on tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice.  They put together an emotional video to promote ACN’s video phone.  Dionne Warwick didn’t do much to contribute to the effort.

Plus, when they were editing the video, Dionne Warwick decided that it was time for her to go to bed. While she wouldn’t have done much to help anyway, she could have stayed there to support her team.

When the women’s team lost, her going to bed early was brought up.  But, Latoya Jackson didn’t do much in the challenge, either. But, when Dionne Warwick agreed that she should be the one fired, that saved Latoya. Once you volunteer yourself to be fired, Donald Trump doesn’t usually argue with you.

After Dionne Warwick was fired, she called NeNe Leakes a coward, saying that NeNe hadn’t made her stay in the editing room to help, that NeNe let her go to bed.

Do you think Dionne Warwick deserved to be fired on the Celebrity Apprentice?

Photo: PRPhotos