Disney Planes: Learning to Draw with Story Artist Art Hernandez


PLANESI could never do what Art Hernandez does, although I sure do wish I could. The Disneytoon Studios story artist can create a perfectly executed character, like Dusty in Disney Planes, in seconds. Yes, seconds.

Hernandez’s job is, well, totally awesome. He is a head of story at Disneytoon Studios and had a big hand in creating the animation for Disney Planes. In order to get it just right, Hernandez became a “virtual aviation expert,” studying how planes work and look in order to distill those qualities into the characters of Disney Planes, something that he did beautifully.

He could not guess how many times he drew Dusty, which he does on a computer (the kind pictured above), but it was pretty much countless. There was about a team of eight or nine who drew the characters of Disney Planes and it took them about a year-and-a-half.  A year-and-a-half of drawing Dusty? Yes, Hernandez was a pro at executing this lovable plane.

And he wanted to give us a taste of what creating a Disney Planes character is like. He went all old-school with us (supplying us with paper, pencils – and sadly – no erasers) and attempted to teach a table full of non-artistically inclined parenting bloggers how to draw the star of the upcoming sure-to-be hit. My attempt is below:


I was actually shocked it came out as cute as it did, just proving that Hernandez isn’t just a great story artist but a great teacher as well!

You can check out his work with Planes flies into theaters on August 9th and watch a trail for the soaring film below:

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