Disney's Design-D Artist Series: Why This Is My Daughter's Favorite Collection At Target To Date

My daughter in a Figaro shirt by Disney's Design-D Artist Series

The Design-D Artist series has been perhaps one of the best collaborations of two of my favorite brands in a very long time: Target and Disney. Growing up in Central Florida, I have Disney in my blood and also consider Target to be my second home: I’m there shopping for my family’s necessities at least twice a week on not only clothing, but home good and groceries, too.

Right before my daughter started pre-school over the summer, we did our back-to-school shopping at Target and she absolutely fell in love with the entire Design-D Artist Series collection for kids. Some of her favorite pieces were the Figaro T-Shirt, the Topsy Turvy Dress and a polka-dot skirt that was inspired by the classic film “Alice in Wonderland.” And what’s so great about the collection is that not only is it super adorable, but the neon pink and green colors are very modern and stylish and the pieces can be mixed and matched into several different outfits that also look very cute but grown-up, too (at least from a Toddler’s perspective, that is). For the longest time I had to bite my tongue when allowing my daughter to pick out clothes from her closet (because does she really need to wear last year’s Halloween costume for a quick trip to Costco?), but with the items that we bought from Design-D, she ends up looking fantastic no matter how she matches (or mis-matches) her clothing. At least we don’t have to compromise on her creativity and worry about her wearing something too Lady Gaga-esque.

And the best part for mom? The entire collection was incredibly affordable (and so much more affordable than the clothes you would buy at official Disney Stores), with most pieces running from $10-$20. And because Disney used many of their classic characters with the collection, I’ll be able to save many of the clothes for my sister’s newborn in a few years, too.

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