Divorce: Pete Wentz's Last Sweet Tweet to Ashlee Simpson


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz

When the media is reporting that the Pete Wentz / Ashlee Simpson split is amicable and that they just grew apart, well that’s usually a big load of malarkey. But in the case of the break up of Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz and singer/actress Ashlee Simpson, it looks to be true.

The two filed for divorce today which Ashlee Simpson wanting to raise their son Bronx, but they will have joint custody. How amicable is their break up? Just a couple days ago Pete Wentz made a very sweet call out to his soon to be ex-wife saying:

“dont forget 2 notice-when i look into the lil dudes eyes & smile, the way he loves. i realize @ashsimpsonwentz is a good moma + so much more”

Let’s hope the two continue to keep the divorce going smoothly, because those can get ugly!

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