DJ AM Is Dead


djamDJ AM was found dead in his New York City Apartment this evening.

This is just so sad. I know he didn’t have kids, but we did cover the plane crash and his recovery from it last year.

I can’t imagine what Adam’s family must be feeling right now. He survived his  suicide attempt and then the plane crash I can’t imagine what Travis Barker must be feeling right now.

A friend of Adam’s said, “Adam never did drugs before this, and he didn’t even drink. He didn’t like forming an attachment to substances. He never wanted to be out of control and he took his work too seriously to party. … Friends are absolutely shocked. If its true this was totally not in his nature. One friend just saw him this week and said he seemed pretty normal.”

“He was a complete professional and great guy. He was always ready to help his friends. He was the leader of the DJ community. Everyone turned to him for advice. Adam was a happy guy. He was always smiling and never ever had a mean or nasty moment.”

Another friend said that Adam had been, “spiraling out of control since the plane crash. He was taking so many painkillers for his injuries, he slowly got hooked on them. About 7 years ago he went through major drug addictions, and he worked so hard, and successfully kicked the habit. He was terrified to take any of the meds the doctors prescribed him after the crash, but the pain was so bad. Adam took them, and the need for the drugs grew, and now here we are. It’s terrible that no one was able to stop him soon enough, but it just happened so fast.”

This is really just so sad.