Do All Women in America Want to Slap The Bachelor Brad Womack?

Did The Bachelor Brad Womack deserve that slap?

On tonight’s The Bachelor premiere, the first girl out of the limo walks up to him and slaps him across the face and says it’s “From every woman in America.”

Really? Do all women in America hate Brad Womack?

When he was on his first season of “The Bachelor,” he didn’t pick either of the final two girls. At the time, it seemed a bit shocking and DeAnna Pappas, who was the last woman standing, was clearly upset at the time. Why couldn’t they try to make it work, even if they just dated for a while instead of getting engaged?

There was quite a bit of outrage from fans of The Bachelor. On the premiere, Brad talked about how he used to push people away and his tough guy facade. He wants to prove he’s a better person this time around.

But, really, the chances of someone finding love in a situation like that reality show are pretty slim. Just six weeks and not much alone time for a real relationship to develop. i think Brad Womack was just being honest about how he felt or didn’t feel about the contestants on the show.

He’s back now for another chance to find love. Rumors are that he did find love this time around.

Do you think he deserved another shot at being The Bachelor? Or are you still mad at him?