Do Celebrity Babies Really Need a Fancy Nursery?

mariah carey twins
Mariah Carey decorates her twins' nurseries in style

Celebrities certainly like to have their homes decorated in style. This extends to decorating the nursery for their babies.

Mariah Cary and Nick Cannon reportedly spent over $1 million to decorate the nurseries for their twins. Victoria Beckham supposedly spent over $150,ooo on her baby’s new nursery.

Sure, they can afford it, but do these celebrity babies really need all this extravagance?

When I was fixing up my first baby’s nursery, I wanted a crib, rocking chair, and a dresser that doubled as a changing table.  We decorated in classic Winnie the Pooh style and baby showers took care of the odds and ends.  I loved that room, as did my boys.

It didn’t take a fortune to do it, either. Spending more on a nursery than others do on their entire house seems a little crazy, but that is the celebrity world for you!