Do Not Send David and Victoria Beckham Baby Gifts! They Will Send Them Back!

harper seven photos
Victoria Beckham and Harper Seven

When a friend has a baby, I usually give them something. Either at the baby shower or after they are home.  A celebration is in order when a new baby arrives.

But, the rules are a little different when it’s a celebrity baby being born. David and Victoria Beckham welcomed their first girl, Harper Seven, this month.  With all of their fans, they have been receiving tons of baby gifts. The celeb couple doesn’t need them and sends them back!

A friend of the couple has said, “David and Victoria have a policy that they don’t accept gifts and endeavour to return anything that is sent to them. If anyone contacts the office in Los Angeles, they’re told that but often they send things anyway or they send presents without a return address.”

If there is a return address, presents are sent back. If not, the Beckhams give the gifts away to charities near their home.  Since the Beckhams can give their children whatever they need, it makes sense for them to donate to those who can’t.

Photo: Twitter

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