Do People Care About Prince William Kate Middleton Engagement

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Do people even care about Prince Williams and Kate Middleton's engagement?

Will the recently announced royal engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton help revive interest in the monarchy?

Do people even care about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptuals, and the royal family as a whole?

Most monarchies have ceased to exist.  Even where monarchs exist, they are in most cases just ceremonial heads of states, while the power to rule and hence make law is vested with elected legislatures.

The British media is having a field day with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement announcement.  The royal wedding fever has also been huge in the news on this side of the Atlantic.  

But some are not so interested in the royal family.  Here are some reactions on Twitter:

@JakeHartSings:  “RETWEET if you don’t really care about the #royalwedding”

@mrswookiee:  “It’s been suspected and anticipated for WAY too long… now it’s not really a big deal. And, I won’t be invited! :)”

@dottyteakettle: “The 80’s called, they want their decade back. #royalwedding #civilunrest #recession

@DeathStarPR: “Thanks Prince William & Kate Middleton. Nothing helps people forget all the silly stuff like war, poverty & inequality like a #royalwedding”

@Clippo: “The idea that simply because he is royalty his engagement is of interest is comical given how little respect most have for the royals.”

@SweetLeiLei” “The monarchy is irrelavent to me, They serve no actual purpose for anyone.”

@Bouchane: “announcement of #royalwedding has reminded me that I live in a monarchy. in 2010.”

Will you watch Prince Charles and Kate Middleton’s wedding?

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