Do Prince William and Kate Middleton Owe Their Marriage to a Horse Jockey?

prince william and kate middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton Had a Matchmaker!

It seems as though everyone wants a piece of the Royal Wedding this week, though some are trying to claim a bigger role than others! Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally going to become husband and wife, and one man may have grounds to take some of the credit for their union. Do Prince William and Kate Middleton seriously owe their marriage to a horse jockey?

Sam Waley-Cohen is a racing jockey who is partially responsible for the reason that William and Kate got back together after their break-up in 2007.

Cohen invited Prince William and Kate Middleton to a party at his home in Oxfordshire, where the two wound up talking for hours, and inevitably fell back in love with each other.

Of their reconciliation, Cohen says, “I don’t know for sure if I had anything to do with it. They have both been friends of mine for a long time and they make a fantastic couple … Wherever it happened, I like to think they got back together of their own accord and we are all delighted that they did.”

It sounds like William and Kate have a good friend in Cohen. Everything happens for a reason, and somehow the stars aligned for a future Royal Wedding at that party he threw in 2007.

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