Do You Want to Know the Bachelor Spoilers for Brad Womack's Season?

The Bachelor
Do you want to know the spoilers for The Bachelor?

Do you like to know what is going to happen on reality shows like “The Bachelor” before you watch the show?

It doesn’t take much right now to find out how who Brad Womack gives the final rose to, even though the season premiere is airing tonight. Or at least, who he supposedly picks.

Don’t worry: in case you don’t want to know, we won’t spoil that here, but we will point you in the direction of the spoilers if you do want to know.

Some people like to watch the show knowing who he is going to pick in the end because then they can watch the love story grow throughout the season. Or to be able to shake their heads knowingly at the girls who claim to be madly in love, when we know that they aren’t the ones who will be picked. If you want to know what supposedly happens, you can check out Reality Steve’s spoilers. He has a good track record at knowing what will happen on the show.

Still others don’t want to know. They’d rather be surprised.

Do you like to know the spoilers? Or would you rather wait to see for yourself?